domingo, 20 de noviembre de 2011

Riviera for Skype 3.6.39960

Dear Sonchy,

We would like to promote our Skype Call Recorder on your blog. Its name is Riviera for Skype.
In exchange for promotion you will receive a full copy of the product.
You need to create a short post with a few sentences about Riviera for Skype (like I wrote below) and include this back link:

<a href="">Skype Call Recorder</a>

Riviera for Skype is a Skype call recorder. It automatically records Skype calls and conversations to MP3 files.
Very convenient for recording interviews, tech talks, conferences, audio casts, pod casts for learning later, etc.

You may get more food for thought from Riviera for Skype 3.6.39960 home page:
Here is a link to download Riviera for Skype 3.6.39960:

If you are not interested, please ignore this email.

Deborah Gill,
Senior Public Relations Specialist,
My Facebook:
Jiteco, Inc

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